opal # 13372Magic stones, rocks and minerals.

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Diameter8.6 cm 3.4 ″
Weight800 g 28.22 oz

Sorry, currently is available only Czech description. Koule ze zeleného, místy okrového opálu.

Original handwork. Although it is a very carefully selected piece, it can be noticed by tiny irregularities, cracks and other features typical of the material and the method of processing.

opal, sphere, #13372:2332

You are ordering a particular photographed piece. When you order, you will receive exactly what you see in the picture.

The pedestal is not included.

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opal, sphere
Ø 8.6 cm
opal, sphere
36€ or $40
Ø 6.4 cm
opal, sphere
15€ or $16
Ø 5.2 cm
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