kalahari jasper # 767Magic stones, rocks and minerals.

Price: 4€ or $5

kalahari jasper

Diameter2 cm 0.8 ″

Sorry, currently is available only Czech description. Kulička z drahého kamene, strojní výroba.

Original handwork. Although it is a very carefully selected piece, it can be noticed by tiny irregularities, cracks and other features typical of the material and the method of processing.

kalahari jasper, sphere, #767:95

The picture is illustrative, a particular piece may look slightly different.

The coloring and the structure of the stone can also be significantly different due to the variability of the natural material.

In any case, you will receive carefully selected goods without any defects or defects.

The pedestal is not included.

kalahari jaspis - mohlo by vs zajmat:
kalahari jasper, sphere
4€ or $5
Ø 2 cm
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